Important Announcement

Important Announcement

Announcement of Fake Facebook Pages

Dear Valued Guests,

On behalf of Mia Luxury Collection, the brand of Mia Saigon and Mia Nha Trang, we sincerely thank you for your support in the past time for hotel services, dining experiences and Mia merchants, one of them is annual Mid-Autumn gift set.

Recently, Mia has noted the appearance of fanpages under the name of Mia Luxury Mooncake. The fake pages have continously posted and shared a set of bamboo mooncake bag with Mia’s design. This is Mia Luxury Collection’s 2021 mooncake basket design. The bamboo mooncake bag is an exclusive design of Lenom company and Art Director Henri Hubert. The creative team created this unique design in 2021 exclusively for the Mia Luxury Collection brand to use as mooncake gift set.

There are mooncake fan page that fake the Mia Luxury Mooncake brand have used the entire content of the letter of introduction, images, and the design of our bamboo bag, in order to take advantage of the reputation of the Mia brand to deceive consumers. The hotel team has continuously receiving questions and messages from guests about these fanpages. Some customers have been scammed and taken the deposit money by these fake fan pages.

Therefore, to protect our valued guests and the reputation of Mia’s brand, we would like to announce this year’s mid-autumn gift set of the brand is the basket and is now sold out. We do not restock nor sell the bamboo gift set anymore. All fan pages that use images, designs and information of the bamboo mooncake gift set under the name of Mia are fake and have signs of fraud. Please be very cautious when you are approached by these fan pages to avoid frauds.

Additional information:
1. Mia mooncake gift set 2021: Link 1 , Link 2 , Link 3

2. Mia mooncake gift set 2022: Link

3. The fake fan pages using the brand identity and the design of 2021 mooncake gift set: please see the photos

For any questions, please contact Mia’s fan page or the hotel’s call center 028 6287 4222 or email info@miasaigon.com
Thank you very much and we are very grateful to your support.

Mia Team