Booking Policy

Booking Policy

Booking policy

1. Please follow the following steps to book the services on miasaigon.com:

  • Step 1: Visit the website miasaigon.com
  • Step 2: Check the information and choose services on the website miasaigon.com
  • Step 3: Choose a room with specific information, miasaigon.com website will display booking packages for customers to compare and select easily. The customer selects the rooms and fills in the form with full details, then places the booking order
  • Step 4: Fill in the payment information and confirm the services

2. Transfer process

  • The website miasaigon.com is a place to provide reservations and services to customers who need to use products and services. Through the website miasaigon.com, customers can choose to book and use the facilities they want. From miasaigon.com website, guests can book a hotel room and use the service at the best price.
  • After the full payment is settled, miasaigon.com website will issue a booking confirmation and issue a reservation number, along with the following information:
    • Booking code
    • Customer name
    • Reservation number
    • Reservation Information
    • Hotline +84 (0) 28 628 74 111

3. Procedure to use the services

Step 1: After completing the booking, the customer will receive a booking confirmation from the website.

Step 2: Customer’s booking information will be transferred to Mia Saigon hotel – the service provider.

Step 3: The customer presents the service confirmation code to Mia Saigon hotel – the service provider to use the services he or she booked.