Cancellation/Refund Confirmation Policy

Cancellation/Refund Confirmation Policy

Cancellation/Refund confirmation policy

1. Order confirmation:

After filling in all payment information in the booking order on the website, the customer will receive a booking confirmation email from the website.

2. Cancellation/Refund Policy:

Depending on the confirmation with the business partner, the following cancellation or return policy will be applicable:

  • The customer can cancel the reservation before the deadline noted in the booking confirmation. Prices are displayed in detail so that the customer can see the amount to be paid, any additional charges resulting from the use of a credit card or interbank charges on top of shipping charges will be charged to the customer. If there is a small shortfall in the amount paid, miasaigon.com may then provide an electronic mail (email) notice of the shortfall for payment by the customer.
  • In case a customer cancels a reservation prior to full payment of any outstanding shortfall, miasaigon.com may, at its sole and absolute discretion, refund the amount paid or refund the amount later, when miasaigon.com deducts costs incurred because of the customer’s failure to pay shortfalls according to the procedures prescribed by miasaigon.com.
  • If customers have any doubts about the service, customers can contact miasaigon.com customer service (during the working hours of the customer service department specified by miasaigon.com) .
  • For any other cancellations, miasaigon.com will work with the customers to review the refund of the amount paid, after miasaigon.com deducts incidentals such as interbank transfer fees. Refunds may not be made immediately depending on the customer’s original payment method. You can contact miasaigon.com customer service for more details on the expected time to receive your refund and we will assist you as best we can.