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Chef's Table

Chef’s Table

The Chef’s Table at Mia is an exclusive event with limited available seats that takes place every once in a while, for certain occasions. Our Chefs will be on hand talk to you through your menu and there will be a dedicate service team standing by to look after all your requests during the dinner.

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Chef’s Table

Key Highlights

Executive Chef

Young and passionate, Executive Chef [Name] joins Mia Saigon since [Month/Year] and is willing to create a signature service that combines Quality and Satisfaction.

With a focus on quality consistency and single details, [Name] will elevate the culinary journey at Mia and deliver memorable dining experiences for our valued guests. Doesn’t matter which day of the week or what time of the day, the quality will be there. [Name] loves the family dining moments where all members gather and enjoy a good time together. That experience is gold for him. There is nothing he loves more than seeing people having and enjoying the same experience at Mia.

Chef’s Table
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Intimate Dining Experience

The Chef’s Table at Mia will take place in different places inside Mia Saigon. Whether it is the private and cozy L’âme dining room or rooftop Emerald and Sapphire rooms with panorama view over Saigon River or the city landscape, every dinner in Chef’s Table collection is uniquely beautiful and memorable experience that is like no others.

Chef’s Table
Chef’s Table
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