Luxe Dining

Inspired by the Past, Present and Future

Dining at Mia Saigon offers a gastronomic journey through time and space for a truly unique culinary experience.

L’ÂME, the hotel’s fine dining restaurant innovates in the margins. By elevating a variety of familiar and lost recipes from Vietnam, France and around the world, it provides a sense of comfort while reinvigorating the senses that accompanied that first bite of a new dish.

Our cozy-chic Kitchen By the River takes the open kitchen concept to the next level by placing the action at the center of the space. The unpretentious experience invites guests to dip spoons into saucepots and savor the aroma of bread coming out of the oven. Reminiscent of home kitchens, the restaurant serves a variety of familiar western and Vietnamese dishes served with an extra touch.

And Saigon’s unique Visual Dining Experience is more than simply a meal. The experience invigorates all one’s senses, relying on the newest technology for an unforgettable evening.

Gin on the 8th (Soon To Open)

Gin on the 8th, the luxury hotel’s sensuous Saigon rooftop bar invites guests to recline and savor the finest tastes and views the city has to offer. The eighth-floor space serves 27 different gins, including many unique fusions that rely on local ingredients and an expansive selection of whiskeys accompanied by the Saigon River’s gentle curves shimmering in the background.

Where Asia and
Europe Meet

Surrounded by simmering sauces, sizzling meats and chopped salads, most families gravitate towards the kitchen when gathering. The sun-dappled Kitchen by the River captures this experience.

Our talented chefs rely on local, sustainable, organic products and the freshest daily seafood to prepare a variety of casual dishes in front of diners. Whether it’s dry-aged imported meats from our charcuterie room, pizzas fresh from the wood-fire oven, or a skillet of noodles, guests can savor the chance to see, smell, hear and taste their meal being prepared.


Cuisine of the Soul

L’ÂME presents a modern take on fine dining in Saigon by conjuring memories of favorite childhood dishes reimagined via contemporary culinary techniques.

Vietnam grows some incredibly unique and fresh fruits and vegetables that serve as perfect compliments to imported meats for a variety of western and local dishes. With an emphasis on color and creativity, subtle serving and preparation flourishes are applied to familiar favorites. Returning to the basics while adding a modern touch reinvigorates one’s enthusiasm for dining.


Visual Dining Experience

Saigon’s unique entertainment experience combines art, gastronomy and virtual reality for an unforgettable multi-course meal.

From your seat, take a whimsical journey across Vietnam’s rich culinary history, exploring regional specialties. Or savor the foreign influences that have trickled across boarders, mingling ingredients, flavors and techniques.